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August 2021 Community Newsletter

August 5, 2021 4:44 pm


We are so glad you’ve chosen to live in Century Farm. Our community has grown a lot, and we want to welcome our new members! Each month we will send out a newsletter via email to update residents on what’s going on in the neighborhood, or remind you of rules, and share information. Please reach out to hoa@brightoncorp.com should you have any questions. We are looking forward to working with you all in building up this beautiful community!

Important Watering Schedule

We’re coming up on the last stretch of the irrigation season, and want to remind everyone that it is important to follow the established water schedule:

· Even ending addresses water Monday, Wednesday, Friday

· Odd ending addresses water Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

· Sunday is a makeup day for the common areas.

This schedule should allow the system to distribute water evenly throughout the community, so pressure is maintained even if water is limited. We appreciate everyone doing their part, so we have a successful irrigation season.

Example: 3384 LaGrange is an even ending address, and should water Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


The Century Farm community encourages the pack in pack out method. If you take food or trash to the park or an open green space, then you should also take it home and dispose of it. Of course, there are trash cans at both pools for use, but we’re seeing a lot of trash being left around the neighborhood. Please remind your family members to put trash in the trash can. Please also remember that trash cans at your homes should be stored out of view except for when out for pickup on trash day. They should not be visible from the front of the home.


We want to remind everyone how important it is to keep all pets on a leash, and in control, when not on your property. This stops them from roaming yards, or approaching others who may be scared, allergic, or not care for pets. Please don’t allow pets to roam free, and be sure to clean up after them every time.

Ada County Mosquito

The hot weather often brings mosquitos. If you have a concern about them in an area you may reach out to Ada County at 208-577-4646 to treat the area.


The CC&Rs require you to use the garage for parking automobiles first before storage or anything else. If the garage is full of automobiles, then you may park in the driveway. We understand this requires shuffling cars from time to time, but it keeps the neighborhood looking so much better and avoids issues with neighbors.

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