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June 2023 Community Newsletter

June 10, 2023 2:05 pm

Garage Sale Saturday

This year’s Spring sale is set for this weekend, Saturday, June 10th, from 8am-5pm. You are welcome to start and stop as you please. Each resident that wants to participate should set their items in the driveway the day of the sale and clean up the same day when finished. If you have left over items you can donate to a local youth ranch, Savers, or call St. Vincent de Paul, as they will sometimes do pickups. You can also coordinate with the trash services for any additional pickups. We’ve placed an ad in the Idaho Statesman, and will post signs at the entrances. We encourage residents to post on social media and also put out their own directional signs on the day of. Good luck to everyone participating!


Please remember to use caution when lighting fireworks, keeping them away from neighboring homes and roofs. We also ask that neighbors be courteous to each other and surrounding pets who may not enjoy the holiday as much. If you choose to use legal fireworks, here are some great tips from the National Safety Council.

Ada County Mosquito

Mosquitos are out. If you have concerns or need abatement, you can reach out to Ada County at 208-577-4646.

Enforcement Policy

Please take a look at the new Century Farm Enforcement Policy found in the documents of the community website. The policy outlines the process for letters and fines when you don’t remedy a violation. We never want to resort to fining an owner, but we do want to make sure everyone is following the rules to maintain our community values.

Pool Reminders

Please help us have a great swimming season by knowing the RULES and adhering to them. They are for everyone’s enjoyment and safety! Also, we have cameras and can track your keys. We will turn them off for not following the rules.

  • No oversized inflatables!
  • Do not let people in without a key.
  • The pool is not your babysitter. Kids must be 13 years of age to go alone, and if under 13, they must be accompanied by someone 18 years and older. A 13-year-old sibling cannot watch a younger sibling.
  • The pool closes at 10pm! After 10pm you are trespassing, and can be reported to the police.
  • NO food or drink in the pools. Keep snacks off to the sides away from the water, and clean up your trash.
  • Please be courteous to others also at the pool! No throwing toys or balls over others or across the pool.
  • Use headphones, not everyone likes your music.
  • Use appropriate plastic swim pants for those still potty training. Basic swim diapers are not enough (they leak) and this causes pool shutdowns.

Upcoming Events

If you’re interested in organizing an event for the community, please reach out to HOA@brightoncorp.com.

June 10 – Spring Garage Sale

September 9 – Fall Garage Sale

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